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The Anarchic Kingdom

The old king has died, leaving his young son not yet ready to rule the kingdom. The minority of the young king will last another year, during which anarchy reigns! Eight of the most powerful lords of the kingdom will take advantage of this period of anarchy, bolstering their own power in order to have the most influence over the young king when he takes control.

In this game you take the place of one of those lords, building up your barony with castles, knights and footmen to attack and defend against the other lords. Each turn you send out attacks to take their land and loot their gold. At the same time you must defend against them, and make sure you have the resources to continue building and maintaining your domain.

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If at the end of the year you are the largest kingdom, you will impress the young king and gain his trust and respect. Your counsel will prevail over that of the weaker lords, and your power will be second only to the king himself! So choose your actions wisely.

The Anarchic Kingdom is a simple and fun strategy game written for the DOS Spring Jam 2021. It runs on any PC with an 8088 or better processor, and CGA graphics. It harks back to the simple BBS door games of the 1980s and 1990s, and even further back to the kingdom management games of the 1960s and 1970s.

The Anarchic Kingdom

Size 72kb, downloads 551.

The installation files to run The Anarchic Kingdom on your DOS computer or in DOSBox. The package includes the executable and its data, a manual in plain text format, and a README.TXT file explaining how to start the game on a DOS computer and in DOSBox. (read more...)

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