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The Discord server has channels to discuss each of the games, and provides access to beta test versions of games in development. (visit...)


If you want to make a donation to help encourage me to develop more DOS games, then you can do so with my Ko-fi page . Your support is appreciated! (visit...)


Our Twitter account brings our games, news and updates to your social media and provides another place where you can leave feedback and interact with other players. (visit...)


Here is my page on Itch. It has copies of the DOS games, as well as some games I've developed for other platforms. (visit...)


We are very active on Mastodon! Here there are regular development updates, play-throughs, tutorial threads and some news of retro developments around the Fediverse. (visit...)


Hi there!

Have you considered putting up your games on so that people can play from browser + mobile without downloading and needing their own DOS machine or dosbox?

Joash Chee - 14:51, 22/09/2021

Thanks Joash for bringing that site to my attention! I'll definitely look into it. It would be nice to get these games out to as many sites as possible. At the moment, you can play all the games in browser here - just scroll a little way down any of the games' pages (except Barren Planet as it's still in development). 

Damian Gareth Walker - 06:14, 23/09/2021

Wow, you are totally right! I missed out on your browser embed as I was expecting to see the js-dos menubar and stuff. In fact, I'm fascinated by how you did it, because it doesn't seem to be like the examples and guides I have referenced thus far for js-dos embedding. I seem to be tripping up on the fs.extract part.

I hope it's ok for me to engage you here, and do let me know if there is a better place. Oh, I should probably go to your Discord...

Joash Chee - 10:51, 24/09/2021

Yes, I definitely recommend the Discord as a more comfortable place for the more in-depth kind of discussions. By the time I see you there I will probably remember how I got the js-dos games embedded :-)

Damian Gareth Walker - 11:23, 24/09/2021

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