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Descend into the burial chambers to rid them of the evil necromancer!

Barren Planet

Coming soon: fierce battles over a lucrative mining planet.

CGA Droids

The androids are rising! How long can you survive the robotic rebellion?

Gaming for a PC from 1981!

This site brings new games to the PC of 1981! In the early to mid 1980s, a typical PC would have an 8088 processor running at 4.77 MHz. It might have up to 640Kb of RAM. A hard disk was an optional extra. And if the PC had a colour display, it would display graphics with a staggering four colours!

Technology moved on, but this spec of PC remained the minimum specification for many games up till 1990. The typical palette of black, cyan, magenta and white has been engraved into the memory of many PC owners and gamers of that time. They also had to wrestle with awkward user interfaces. But even that humble hardware was capable of better things, for those with imagination—or the benefit of hindsight decades later.

The games on this site have been developed to run in DOS. They need a PC with an 8088 or better processor, a 360k floppy disk drive, and CGA display with an RGB monitor. Those are expensive collectors' items nowadays, so the games will also run in DOSBox on a modern computer, tablet or phone. The latest items are showcased below, but the menus above give access to all the games on the site.


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