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Barren Planet

A mockup of the forthcoming Barren Planet game
A mockup of the forthcoming Barren Planet game

Dapra is a world to appeal to any interplanetary mining corporation. Apparently devoid of inhabitants, this rocky planet has crystal nodes on its surface that hint at greater riches beneath. Which corporation will be the first to discover its treasures and set up operations there?

Sadly, there are two great mining corporations approaching the planet at the same time. Ruthless and efficient, Nuvutech is sure that its vast corporate strength will make it easy to take control of the planet unopposed. But Avuscorp, viscious and unscrupulous, will contest Nuvutech's claim on the planet. And both sides have the means to take the planet by force if necessary.

You as a player will take on the role of strategist for one of these two corporations. There will be strife, and your job will be to manage the company's forces on the planet. You will use them beat off the opposing corporation in a series of battles, and seize control of the world's valuable resources.

Barren Planet has not yet been released.


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