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KEYLIB Keyboard Library

Some of the games on this site use KEYLIB as their keyboard input library. KEYLIB is a small, simple library for reading a standard IBM PC/XT/AT keyboard. As well as the usual ASCII keypress functions, it allows scanning any key by scancode to check its key up/key down status. This means you can use it to check for shift keys used alone, or combinations of non-shift keys.

KEYLIB is provided in source and binary formats for the OpenWatcom C compiler. It contains a simple demonstration program and full documentation.

KEYLIB Source Code

Size 9kb, downloads 230.

This is the source code distribution for KEYLIB, useful for seeing how KEYLIB works or porting it to other compilers. (read more...)

KEYLIB Binaries

Size 19kb, downloads 166.

This is the KEYLIB binary distribution. Download this if you want to create your own projects based on KEYLIB. (read more...)

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