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The Anarchic Kingdom: The End Game

The Anarchic Kingdom: the final rankings
The Anarchic Kingdom: the final rankings

Friday, 2nd February 2024

As you approach the end of the game you'll get a good idea of how things are going for your barony. If you're lucky, you'll be at the top holding your own against attackers. Or you might be unlucky, languishing in 8th place struggling to keep things together. Most likely you'll be somewhere in the middle, and as time wears on you'll be wondering how to effect a breakthrough.

If you're in the middle of the pack, October or November might be the time to start thinking about desperate measures. This is the time when you want to try that all-out attack against the biggest barony, sending everything you've got in the hope of taking them by surprise and taking a big chunk of their territory.

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If you've been languishing in last place for a few months, you've probably tried this already. The tactic can work, but it needs to be well timed, and you need to be lucky. If you suffer multiple attacks while your entire mobile force is away, you'll likely lose as much as you gain.

December has an important distinction. The king will reach his majority at the end of the month and take control of the kingdom. The anarchy will end, and there will be no use for the forces you recruited. So in December, there's no point recruiting any military; you'll just be wasting time and money.

After Decembers orders have been carried out, you'll see the final rankings table. You can still get access to reports: just select your barony in the rankings list and the Report option will be available on your final barony view. If your barony is surprisingly high or low after December's turn, this is the way to find out why.

One fun thing to do at the final rankings screen is to compare the image of the winning barony (especially if it's yours) with the image of the 8th place barony. Typically the winning barony will have abundant and large buildings, while the losing barony appears emaciated, with just a few small villages and farms scattered around.

If your barony features a windmill, a walled city with a cathedral, a market with chests of gold, a fairytale castle, knights jousing in front of their tents, or an army of footmen with a trebuchet, then you've done rather well in one aspect or another.


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