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The Anarchic Kingdom: Reading the News

The Anarchic Kingdom: Report of a successful attack
The Anarchic Kingdom: Report of a successful attack

Friday, 19th January 2024

The first thing you'll notice when the next month rolls around is that your barony has grown or shrunk. You'll want to know how and why, and the way to do this is to look the the news report, accessed with the "Report" option. This is generally the first thing you'll do every turn.

The good news comes first. The first reports will be the result of your attacks on other baronies. These reports will remind you who you attack and with what forces, and will describe what you gained in land, castles and gold. It will then tell you about the losses on both sides.

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The bad news comes next. If you were attacked, the results of those attacks upon you will be shown: who attacked and with what forces, and how much land, gold and how many castles they took from you. The report will also show the military losses from the battle. You have to hope each turn that what you took from your target exceeds what was taken from you.

The remaining reports are all about the economy. You'll be told how many peasants flocked to (or left) your barony. There will be confirmation of your recruitment. And finally there will be an account of what you paid in upkeep for your military units. If you didn't have enough money for this, then you'll be told how much of your military has deserted.

With the reports read, it's time to check out your stats again and see what to do next: more attacks and more recruitment, will become the pattern for every turn until December. Next turn I'll discuss strategies for attacking.


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