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Anarchy Reigns! A New Game Release

Viewing an enemy barony in The Anarchic Kingdom
Viewing an enemy barony in The Anarchic Kingdom

Saturday, 22nd May 2021

After three weeks of beta testing, The Anarchic Kingdom has been released! This is a light strategy game in which eight baronies fight for dominance of the kingdom during the minority of a child king. The baronies have twelve months to vie for supremacy, and the largest barony at the end of the game will gain the ear of the young king.

The game supports one to eight players. Any of the eight baronies that are not controlled by players will be under computer control, each fighting their own corner. The baronies will build castles, train knights, and draft footmen, sending attacks to one another in order to conquer land, loot gold and raze or capture the enemy's castles.

The game can be downloaded from its web page, in ZIP format for installation to run in DOSBox or on your DOS PC. Alternatively, you can play the game in your browser. If you enjoy this game then please send feedback, share it around, and tell all of your friends!


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