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The Anarchic Kingdom Enters Second Week of Beta Testing

The spending report in The Anarchic Kingdom
The spending report in The Anarchic Kingdom

Saturday, 8th May 2021

The forthcoming game The Anarchic Kingdom is entering its second week of beta testing. The first week of beta testing highlighted a few bugs, which have been fixed in the latest test version.

Gameplay has shown that the game is reasonably well balanced. More practice with the game increases the player's skill to a point where it is usually possible to come out on top against the computer players, though not guaranteed. So a luck element still provides surprises, but doesn't dominate the game. This means that no gameplay tweaks were needed this week.

This game is currently undergoing beta testing prior to release. You are welcome to help out with this: simply join our Discord server where a time-limited beta test version is offered for download each week.

I spent the week putting together a manual for the game, which will be included in the second beta. While I experimented with the idea of producing a nicely formatted PDF manual, I settled for a plain text file supplied with the game's archive, as in the old Shareware days. 

At the time of writing it's not too late to join the beta test team. While beta testing lasts, weekly versions will be distributed via the Discord server, which you are welcome to join.


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