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Star Cadre: Combat Class Enters Beta Testing

Star Cadre: Combat Class in play
Star Cadre: Combat Class in play

Sunday, 23rd June 2024

A new game has entered beta testing. Star Cadre: Combat Class is a squad combat game, a kind of strategy wargame with role-playing game elements. It was partly inspired by the games Rebelstar and Laser Squad, and players of the X-COM series will be familiar with the genre. Unlike these other titles, Star Cadre: Combat Class is playable on the original IBM PC with CGA graphics.

Development on this game started in 2020, being "temporarily" pushed aside by other projects which were, or were supposed to be, short JAM projects. Work continued in small increments over the following years, before becoming the main focus of development in May 2024, after which progress moved quickly.

The beta test team will be pulling this game apart over the coming weeks, in emulation and on real hardware. It is hoped that the game will be ready in time for a July 2024 release. If Star Cadre: Combat Class is a success, then its tactical combat engine will be the basis of a number of future games.


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