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Team Droid: A New Game for DOS

Team Droid gameplay screenshot
Team Droid gameplay screenshot

Wednesday, 31st August 2022

Today sees the release of Team Droid, a new game for old computers running DOS. Also playable on new computers running DOSBox, this new puzzle game puts you in control of a team of cute little robots trying to clean up after a catastrophe at an automated facility.

Developed in a month for the 2022 DOS Games August Jam on Itch, Team Droid features twelve levels of turn-based fun. On each level you have to select a robot and guide it to pick up a data card and insert it in a data card reader. There is a rotating list of six instructions available to guide the robots, including actions like step forward, turn left, turn right and shoot a phaser.

Items are included on some levels to help your robot: a phaser to help deal with guards and forcefields, a "walker" to allow lateral movement, and a "spring" to help the robot jump over obstacles that would otherwise be impenetrable. Such obstacles include forcefields, conveyor belts and turntables that can play havoc with your robot's task.

The game features CGA graphics and allows for future downloadable content in the form of new sets of twelve levels. It can be downloaded from the Team Droid web page.


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