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A New Palette Chart

CGA Palette Chart (3rd version)
CGA Palette Chart (3rd version)

Friday, 1st April 2022

A new version of the CGA Palette Chart is available. This shows all of the full four-colour palettes available on a PC with a CGA card and an RGB monitor.

Now in its third iteration, the CGA Palette Chart has become a project in itself. The original showed just the four colours of each palette. The second edition improved on this to show some of the extra colours and shades available through dithering. This third edition is expanded to show all the dithering combinations, and to make clear what colour will be shown in the border.

Dropped from the second palette chart are the alphanumeric IDs given to each of the palettes, as they were specific to the chart and never used to identify the palettes.

You can read about the palette chart and download a full sized version on the Improved CGA Palette Chart page.

Improved CGA Palette Chart


Download: palette-chart.png
Size 41kb, downloads 217.

This CGA Palette Chart illustrates all of the four-colour palettes available on a PC with a CGA card attached to an RGB monitor. Contrary to popular opinion CGA graphics are not limited to black, cyan, magenta and white. And contrary to slightly more informed opinion, the second palette of black, red, green and yellow is not the only alternative. These two palettes are available in two intensities each, as is a third palette of black, cyan, red ... (read more...)


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