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The robot insurrection never ends! Caught in a space station where the robots have taken over, you have to survive for as long as possible. The robots will relentlessly pursue you, but there is a way to beat them. These droids are stupid, and in their headlong rush to reach you they will bash into one another, making a mess of their internals and externals. By this means you can make them destroy themselves.

Use the cursor keys on the numeric keypad to control your character. The space bar will teleport you to a random location if you end up being cornered. But it comes at a cost: you will spend half of your accumulated score to escape, and you may just exchange one danger for another.

Click here to play the CGALIB demo game in your browser.

This isn't a standalone game, but a demonstration game for the CGALIB graphics library. CGALIB is a library for C programmers, allowing easy access to the 4-colour CGA graphics mode with its full range of RGB palettes.

Released July 2020.

CGA Droids download

Size 81kb, downloads 376.

This is the binary distribution for CGALIB, which includes the CGA Droids game as a demonstration. The executable for the game is called  demo.exe . (read more...)

The robots approach in the CGA Droids game


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