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Team Droid

In the far future, an industrial complex is staffed only by robots. This is more economical than employing humans, but without supervision can lead to catastrophic results. Just such a catastrophe has happened, and you have been employed on a temporary basis to clean up the mess. The data cards needed to keep the facility running have been scattered all over the various levels, and need putting back in the data card readers.

It’s dangerous for humans to enter the facility, so you have to do your job remotely. You do this with the aid of a team of specialised robots. On each level you need to choose a robot, sometimes more robots, who are best equipped to do the job. Once the robots are deployed, you instruct them to pick up the data card and take it to the reader.

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That sounds easy, but there are obstacles. Contraptions like turntables, conveyor belts and teleporters may help or hinder your task. Security forcefields might block your way and need to be deactivated or otherwise bypassed. And some levels have guard robots which patrol the area; these are unaware of your important task and might destroy you if you are not careful.

Team Droid is a turn-based puzzle game that rewards careful thinking rather than fast reactions. You must examine each level to see which robots are most suited to it, and then instruct those robots turn by turn on exactly what to do. There is a library of actions you can choose from, but because of the state of chaos, not all of the actions are available each turn. So you will have to think ahead and improvise.

Release date: 31 August 2022.

Team Droid: Jam Edition

Size 68kb, downloads 279.

This download requires DOSBox to run. The zip file has all the game files tidily stored in the tdroid folder. Extract the contents of the ZIP to wherever you put your DOS games and have fun! A read of the manual would be beneficial for this game if you want to know what you're doing. (read more...)

Team Droid: Jam Edition manual

Download: tdroid.pdf
Size 190kb, downloads 289.

Here's a PDF manual for Team Droid: Jam Edition. It's worth reading if you want to know what you're doing when you first run the game. The reference sections at the end tell you what you need to know about all the symbols in the game. (read more...)

Team Droid: Double Trouble

Size 0kb, downloads 193.

Double Trouble is a new level pack for Team Droid! Every level has two robots, two data cards and two card readers. Sometimes your robots will work independently, sometimes they have to work together. See the manual (available separately) for details. (read more...)

Team Droid: Double Trouble manual

Download: double-trouble.pdf
Size 88kb, downloads 196.

Introduction and installation instructions for the Double Trouble level pack. Prints on A5 paper, including front and rear cover. (read more...)

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