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CGA Droids


The robot insurrection never ends! Caught in a space station where the robots have taken over, you have to survive for as long as possible. The robots will relentlessly pursue you, but there is a way to beat them. These droids are stupid, and in their headlong rush to reach you they will bash into one another, making a mess of their internals and externals. By this means you can make them destroy themselves. Use the cursor keys ... (read more...)



Oh no, not again. Another necromancer has set up home in the village Ossuary, the impressive underground cemetery in which the villagers have interred their dead for centuries. Not only has he animated the bodies of the dead to serve as his friends, but he has also enchanted and enlarged the once natural creatures who had made their home under the vaults, and has them wandering around as guard animals and pets. All this does nothing for the dignity ... (read more...)

The Anarchic Kingdom


The old king has died, leaving his young son net yet ready to rule the kingdom. The minority of the young king will last another year, during which anarchy reigns! Eight of the most powerful lords of the kingdom will take advantage of this period of anarchy, bolstering their own power in order to have the most influence over the young king when he takes control. In this game you take the place of one of those lords, ... (read more...)

Barren Planet


Dapra is a world to appeal to any interplanetary mining corporation. Apparently devoid of inhabitants, this rocky planet has crystal nodes on its surface that hint at greater riches beneath. Which corporation will be the first to discover its treasures and set up operations there? Sadly, there are two great mining corporations approaching the planet at the same time. Ruthless and efficient, Nuvutech is sure that its vast corporate strength will make it easy to take control of ... (read more...)


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